My uncle is a very successful man, he had a proper education in times where knowledge was not as widespread as it is today, he’s funny and in a pretty good shape for an old man. However, during the last 5 years, he witnessed the death of 2 of his brothers because of cancer. In addition, just recently his daughter had a brain tumor and lost her sight as a result, and his son died in a car accident.

Now, of course this could happen to anyone of us. All it takes is a visit to the doctor and we’re starkly reminded of the fact of our own mortality. And, we know how dreadful it is to be given the full-time occupation of not dying or caring for someone who is.

As someone who’s concerned about the nature of the human life, I do constantly ask myself, is there a way to forbid all of this intolerable suffering from betiding people once and for all?

The great bulk of people have a biological disposition towards optimism, for on a subconscious level our brain only cherishes the good memories and tends to forget about the bad ones. But life is not as splendid as it seems to be. Approximately 20,000 people die every day from hunger, 3.5 million people die every year in accidents and about 40 million children are maltreated each year. Thus, we know from fact that the human life can be tragic for most people. We spent most of our time discontent of what we have in the present, and we’re perpetually attempting to get to some point in the future which never seems to arrive. As soon as we achieve something, our mind finds something else into which it can get its teethes, for the sole and only purpose of feeding its cosmic hunger.

But the sad truth is that hordes of people never ponder upon the big picture, and breed for biological, social and sexual reasons. They’re led to believe that they should breed because they can, they bring a child into existence even in the worse conditions in fear of winding up alone for the rest of their lives, or some other various reasons which are not in favor of the future child. But the question is, why do intelligent people like you and me, have to put a child into this world, given all the harm that will certainly befall him or her?

From an evolutionary perspective, human beings are a natural paradox. Our mind has become so evolved that we can’t stop thinking. Cognition gives us more than we can carry. We want to live in the present, yet we’re the only creatures that are aware of the finality of our lives. We are able to analyze the past for broad expectations of the future, we expect justice and meaning in a world where neither occur. We’re creatures that should not exist by natural laws.

Another key point as to why procreation is morally reprehensible is that, it is never for the sake of the future child. We do not ask them for their consent, and we merely expose them to potential suffering. It’s like sending your child to a dangerous pilgrimage against his will, knowing he will die in the end.

Moreover, even religiously speaking, you know how hard it is to enter heaven as it is portrayed by the Abrahamic religions. Islam, for instance, is utterly incompatible with our modern life, and mingling in society means you shall commit some inevitable, punishable sins, in a place of everlasting agony. And, by brining your children into existence as a religious person, you expose them to the risk of spending an eternal life of torment in inferno.

As a conclusion, I’d like to say that it’s easily perceived by the senses and grasped by the mind that It is preferable to never see your children experience pleasure by never bringing them into existence than to see them experience pain by doing so. Furthermore, even if they will experience less discomfort than the average person, never coming into existence is still the most convenient option one must choose.