How you can lose fat easily

Struggling with obesity is one of the most prevalent issues people struggle in today’s society, despite it being very easy and attainable with a little effort and a diet that’s designed to help the body burns fat. And contrary to... Continue Reading →


Periodization: the ultimate way for gaining strength and size

Most people in the gym, and especially beginners train without paying attention to how much weight they lift or how many sets they do. They just go to the gym and lift pretty much everything they can see in every... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Never Have Existed

My uncle is a very successful man, he had a proper education in times where knowledge was not as widespread as it is today, he’s funny and in a pretty good shape for an old man. However, during the last... Continue Reading →

Secular Spirituality

  Spirituality, a peculiar concept. I understand the animosity that people have towards such a term. Dispelling spirituality from religion seems to annoy religious and irreligious people alike. But, it’s perfectly reasonable to do so. The word spirit comes from... Continue Reading →

The free will dysfunction

Free will, the intuitive feeling that one is the conscious generator of one’s thoughts and action. One Tends to strongly feel that one is the exclusive author of one’s thoughts and actions. Things don’t merely happen to each of us... Continue Reading →

The Illusion Of Death

This article showcases my attempt at answering one of biggest questions in life, what happens to each of us after die? One can write an entire book about it. therefore, I shall hope the reader is well-informed about some requisite... Continue Reading →

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